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America's Armory currently specializes in firearms training and AR-15 Armorers work. In the future we will be offering 100% Custom AR-15s.

America's Armory has 2 NRA certified instructors ensuring avalibilty thoughtout the week. Please contact us to make private lesson apointments or to inquire about upcoming classes.

Services currently offered:

  • Private lessons: Private training with 100% range time, curriculum based on customers needs, parties more than 5 require scheduling of both instructors.

  • Services to be offered in the future:

  • NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting: Using the NRA curriculum there will be 7 hours of classroom time followed by 1 hour of range time. bring 1 box of ammo required*
  • America's Armory Basics of Pistol: Shooting using our curriculum, 3 hours of classroom time followed by 1 hour of range time. 1 box of ammo required*
  • Florida CCW required pistol class: This is a condensed class of 2 hours total. 10 rounds of ammo required
  • *For all classes it is encouraged to bring your own firearm. However, if you do not have a firearm the Instructor will provide one for you.

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